Drop-in on Mondays and Tuesdays between 10am – 5pm


Think of The Waypoint as a community centre, or a drop in centre. We like to call it a shared space. Kind of like a coffee shop without a kitchen (although we have a small communal one), a library without the books (and the silence) and a bar without the booze! Any and everybody is welcome, and of course, there is free WiFi.

a place to share


We do not serve or sell any food, but if you want to eat, you have to bring your own food – we are totally fine with that! In fact, why not bring a little extra and share it with a friend?


a place to meet


We have quite a variety of people who frequent us. Entrepreneurs, tutors, sales reps, runners, bloggers, photographers, students, cyclists, counsellors, retirees and everything in between!

Any and everybody is welcome. Use us as a waiting lounge, for meeting with a client, as a reading corner, your mobile desk or a lunch room.

a place to eat


The Waypoint is owned and operated by City Gates. In fact, The Waypoint is also their office which they have decided to share with the community.

a place to work


Since we gather such a diverse bunch of people, and because the experience is largely based on a self-serve approach to usage, we’ve had to come up with a few guidelines to help guard the vibe here at The Waypoint.

An effort to stick to these will keep our guests from making enemies and help with turning our visitors into regulars :)

a place to study

come drop in, or rent the space for your next event

Drop-in hours: Monday and Tuesday from 10am – 5pm

360┬░ VIEWS

Want to check us out from a distance before you make an appearance? No problem! Use this nifty 360 viewer to took around – literally.